The Sound Approach

After completing literally hundreds of focus groups and speaking with thousands of research participants, Johnston Research has found that regardless of the topic or issue being investigated, there are three primary questions to explore. Whether you want to understand how people react to an advertisement, a new product or service, or a new government policy or program, these three questions form the basis of the qualitative research project.

Does It Engage?

  • Does the audience find the message/product/service interesting?
  • Who does the audience think this message/product/service is for?
  • Does the audience care?
  • Does it create an emotional connection?


Does It Communicate?

  • What does the audience learn?
  • Are any associations created?
  • How do the different elements of the material (pictures, words, tone, layout, medium) influence understanding?


Does It Motivate?

  • How does the material influence or challenge thoughts, opinions, or preconceived ideas?
  • Is it compelling?
  • Does it change how people behave or how they perceive an issue?
  • Does it encourage new action?