Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups (BBFG)

Bulletin board focus groups will provide high quality research results when working with audiences that have a high level of interest in, or personal knowledge about, the topic. We believe the methodology lends itself best to exploratory discussions and the investigation of opinions and behaviour patterns and the influencers of those opinions and patterns.

What is a Bulletin Board Focus Group?
Bulletin Boards are highly involved discussions that unfold over extended time frames and are similar to a message board or chat room. Like a traditional focus group, participants are recruited according to specific screening criteria. What makes BBFGs unique is that respondents can participate/log-in at times convenient to them and they can log in multiple times to add additional comments or insights. As a result this can provide more in-depth feedback.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of this format is that it gives us the ability gather respondent input to specific questions before and after they have seen/read responses from other participants. This not only ensures we hear the respondent’s own thoughts and opinions but also allows us to analyze how respondent opinions change as new information/new comments becomes available and how this influences their perceptions and beliefs about a particular topic.

Benefits of Bulletin Board Focus Groups:

  • Greater geographic reach: facilitates connecting with hard-to-reach audiences
  • Provides anonymity
  • Gives respondents the opportunity and to reflect on the research topics and give a more thoughtful, considered response.
  • Can engage a larger audience, or conduct multiple discussions in a very short time frame
  • Convenient for participants as they can log in any time of day
  • Can easily share various forms of media (pictures, video, audio, web)
  • Clients can log in any time and monitor the discussion without having to commit several hours to get to and observe the groups